About US

ITGlobe is a leading solutions provider helping customers to become more profitable by:


Reducing costs of direct material procurement;
Technological advancement with state-of-the-art products/solutions;
Effective utilization of systems resources
Providing localized after sales services


ITGlobe helps customers achieve these strategic objectives by providing a unique mix of marketing and technical expertise.

Our customers in the field of Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defense, Electronics, Telecom, Power Sector Units, R&D Units, Engineering Institutes/Universities, etc. rely on us for providing innovative solutions with cutting edge technologies for their business needs.

ITGlobe derives knowledge from leading professionals with years of experience in providing solutions to complex technical problems from conceptualization to implementation stage. Our ability to establish symbiotic partnerships with industry’s leading suppliers of products and services enables us to go a long way in delivering customers’ requirements as per their tight schedules and pressing business demands. 

Headquartered in USA, ITGlobe has its strong presence in India with offices located in New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. We supply in Indian Rupees through SAMkalpa Systems Pvt. Ltd.