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Low Noise Amplifiers
General Purpose Amplifiers
RF Semiconductor Amplifiers – IF Amplifiers, Drive Amplifiers and Medium Power Amplifiers
Antennas and Reflectors
Circular and Rectangular Horn Antennas
Lens Corrected Antennas
GPS Antennas
Patch Antennas
Custom Built Antennas
Dichroic Sub-Reflectors
Segmented, Single Segment and Shaped Beam Reflectors
Offset Reflectors
Coaxial and Waveguide Components
Power Dividers
Power Combiners
Couplers and Mismatches
Waveguide Fixed Attenuators
Waveguide Level Setting Attenuators
Direct Reading Attenuators
Bends, Twists, Straight Sections and Magic Tees
Fixed Flush & Fixed Offset Shorts, Sliding Shorts and Opens
Precision Beadless and Bead Supported Airlines
Waveguide Transitions
Waveguide Flange & Bulkhead Adapters
Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters
Waveguide Transmission Lines
Integrated Assemblies
Waveguide Diplexers
Bias Tees, Equalizers, Filters and Multiplexers
Fixed and Sliding Terminations
Cryogenic Terminations and Thermal Terminations
Connectors, Adapters and Other Accessories
Super SMA, 2.92mm, 2.40mm, SSMA, N-Type and TNC Connectors
End Launch Connectors
Field Replaceable and Direct Solder Flange Mount Cable Connectors
Direct Solder Flange Mount Terminations
Hermetic Seals, Launch Pins, Pin/Tabs and Dielectrics for Connectors
Test Port Adapters
Coaxial Within Series and Between Series Adapters
Connector Gage Kits
Torque Wrenches
Cable & Cable Assemblies
Spaceflight Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies for Aircraft Applications
Cable Assemblies for Defense Applications
Low Loss Cable Assemblies
High Power Cable Assemblies
Phase Matched Cable Assemblies
Tracking and Stable Cable Assemblies
Test Port Cables

Coaxial Cables, Fiber Optic, Flat, Hook-up, Round and High Data Rate Copper Cables
Microwave and RF Cable Assemblies
Composite Materials and Resin Systems
Epoxy Unidirectional Tape Prepregs
Epoxy Woven and Non-Woven Prepregs
Cyanate Ester Unidirectional Tape Prepregs
Cyanate Ester Woven and Non-Woven Prepregs
Film & Paste Adhesives
CETEX Thermoplastic Composites
Syntactic Foams 
Liquid Resin Systems
Compression Molding Compounds
Desktop Applications Software
Satellite Tool Kit (STK)
Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK)
Spacecraft Object Library In STK (SOLIS)
Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
Application Engine
AGI Components
Design Process Optimization Softwares
Enables Integration of Models and Simulations
Results Visualization and Data Management
Delivers Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO)
Simplifies System-of-Systems (SOS) Analysis
Films and Substrates
Multi-Layer Films and Tapes
High Temperature Insulation Films
Imaging Films, Security Films and Tapes
Specialty Films and Surfacing Films
Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LTCC)
AIN Substrates and Packages
Thick Film and Thin Film Services
RF and Microwave MIC(s)
Automatic Assembly for Medium to High Volumes
Package Seals of all types, including Automatic Linear Weld, Ribbon and Wire Bonding, Flip-chip and Tab Interconnects
Automatic SMT Assembly & Design of Substrates and Packages
Optoelectronic Solutions
Laser Diodes and IR Emitting Diodes
Rubidium Time Standards (Atomic Clocks)
Photodiodes, Phototransistors and IR Switches
Photocells, Thermopile Detectors, Pyroelectric IR Detectors and
Channel Photomultipliers
Imaging Components - Line Scan Imagers, CMOS Photodiode Arrays,
CCD Linear Array Cameras and CCD Sensors
Oscillators, Sensor Heads and Other Devices
Broadband Oscillators
Narrowband Oscillators
Dielectric Resonator Oscillators 
Gunn Diode Oscillators
Voltage Controlled Oscillators
Digitally Tuned Oscillators
Phase Locked Oscillators
Doppler Sensor Heads, Ranging Sensor Heads and Doppler Ranging Sensor Heads
Radar Target Simulators
Balanced, Harmonic and Sub-harmonically Pumped Mixers
Up and Down Converters
Frequency Multipliers
Single Sideband Modulators
Amplitude and Phase Detectors
Phase Noise Measurement System
Phase Shifters and Transmit Receive Modules
High-Speed Clocks
RF Semiconductors - Internally Matched Gain Blocks and Multi-Band 2 Way SMT Power Dividers
Photomasks and Micro-Photolithographic Products
Semiconductors, Microelectronics, Optical Components, MEMS, Microwave Circuits, Thin-Film and Hybrid Photomasks
High Definition and High Resolution Photoplates
Chrome and Iron Oxide Photoplates
Positive Photoresist Developers and Stripper
Chrome and Iron Oxide Etchant
Negative & Reversal Developer and Fixer
Reversal Bleach and Reversal Clearing Bath
High Resolution Film
Photomask Cleaning Solution
Radomes and Radar Absorbing Structures
Spherical, Truncated and Other Custom Built Radomes for Airborne, Marine and Static Applications
Structural Laminates and Light Weight Laminates
Syntactic Materials
Shielding Material
SKYFLEX -Aircraft Sealants
EMI Shielding and Gaskets
Dielectric Materials
SPDT Switches and Multi-Position Switches (SP3T to SP10T)
Switching Systems (Routers), Redundancy Switching Products, Distribution Systems, Switching Modules (including VXI & VME) and Software & Drivers
PIN Diode Switches and Switch Matrices
Latching Ferrite Switches
Oscillators, Filters, Multipliers, Drivers and Synthesizers
Switching Systems
Signal switching, conversion and distribution products for applications in Defense, Aerospace, Communications, Broadcast, Telemetry and ATE markets. Matrices for RF signals (covering bands within DC-40GHz), analogue video, digital video (SD, HD), 530, 422 data, LVDS, PECL… Modular design systems
Test and Measuring Equipments
Probe Stations-Manual, Semi-Automatic and Microfluidics Metrology Systems
Engineering Probes and Pyramid Probe Cards
Test Sockets and Integrated Measurement Systems
Calibration Tools  Accessories & Upgrades for Probe Stations  
CW / Pulse Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Frequency Counters
Microwave Synthesized Signal Generators
VXI & PXI Synthetic Instruments
Coaxial and Waveguide Calibration Kits for VNAs, PNAs and ENAs
Noise Calibration Systems
Manual, Solid State and Automated Tuner Systems
Load Pull Systems
Advanced Characterization Systems
Noise Parameter Systems
Noise Receiver Modules
Automated Mobile Test Systems
Integrated Systems
Large-Signal Network Analysis
IC Failure Analysis Microscopy - Laser Signal Injection, InfraScope Hot Spot Detection and emmi Photon Emission Detection
Micro Thermal Mapping - InfraScope II and Thermal Transients
Test Fixture Solutions
Semiconductor Packages
Universal Test Fixture Mainframe
Midsection Adapters
Calibration Standards
FET, Bipolar and MMIC Carrier Assemblies
SOT and SOD Surface Mount Transistors
High Power Transistors Test Fixtures
SAW Filter Test Fixtures
Surface Mount Capacitor and Inductor Testing
Laser Transmit and Receive Modules
Universal Substrate Test Fixture
Coax to Microstrip / Coplanar Transitions
TDR Probes, MMIC and BGA Packages
Calibration Kit and Leaded SMT Fixture
Vaporized Corrosion Inhibitors
Vaden Series, Ferro Gard and Zenol Type of Vapor Phased Corrosion Inhibitors